Actionscript 3 trace instance name

Thursday, December 23, 2010 at 1:35 PM
While I was working on a Flash project with AS 3.0 involved, I happen to deal with a weird problem when I want to get the instance name by using code. It always ends in names like "instance11" or "instance61". At last, I found out the solution to this problem. Here it is:

 Assuming I have a button named "btnTest" on stage and I want to get the instance name . Normally we usually code like this:

btnTest.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, clkTest);

private function clkTest(e:MouseEvent):void {

trace( // It'd output something random like "instance61" instead of the instance name of the MC you are targeting,

you should change a little bit, just 1 line of code, like this:

Finally, I get the proper result.
trace( // It'd output "btnTest"


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