"Do your work, don't be stupid"

Monday, August 31, 2009 at 3:19 AM

Recently I came across a nice wallpaper saying "Do your work, don't be stupid" and honestly I loved it from the first time. Motivational phrase like this really has a point on me. I know sometimes while I'm working on the computer, I tend to wind up doing some stuff but my work and since the day it was set as my default wallpaper for a little instant motivation, it really worked, this kind of wallpaper really bails me out. you know, looking right out there and seeing my friends working really hard then sit back, size things up , I'm sure that if you're surrounded by people who are motivated like that then you can't help but become more motivated yourself, and if you get somethings like this right in front of you whenever it comes up to the laziness, I think you get even more motivated :)
Just though I should share this wallpaper because I'm sure I'm not alone in this dilemma. if you're interested and for the best performance, leave your screen resolution here and I will send you as soon as I read your comment


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